Born in 1983. Keiji Fujimoto is a documentary photographer originally from Hiroshima, Japan.

He had been walking around several parts of the world in his young age. After graduated from the university, he started documenting third worlds, with a particular focus on those people who live under the physical and psychological shadows.

Keiji is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

2017 – Shortlisted, Photolux Photobook Award
2017 – Shortlisted, FUAM Dummy Book Award
2017 – Shortlisted, Kassel Dummy Book Award
2016 – Silver Award (People: Life Style Category), TIFA: Tokyo International Foto Award
2016 – Honorable mention, Prix de la Photographie Paris: Px3
2015 – Lens Culture Emerging Talent Award
2014 – Grand Prize, Ueno Hikoma Award
2013 – 2nd place, Gordon Parks International Photography Competition
2013 – Honorable mention, Ueno Hikoma Award
2012 – 1st place, Gordon Parks International Photography Competition
2012 – Photo Art Society of Japan – Encouragement Award, Ueno Hikoma Award

Keiji’s photos and articles have been published on
Bunka Taboo (Japan), CAPA (Japan), Kathmandu Post (Nepal), Kyodo News (Japan), Le Toit (Japan), Mainichi Newspaper (Japan), Missoulian (U.S.), Montana Kaimin (U.S.), NeoNeo (Japan), NeoNeoWeb (Japan), News Front (Nepal), Nihon Shashin Nenkan (Japan), Photocon Life (Japan), Republica (Nepal), The Page (Japan), Weekly Asahi Geinou (Japan), Weekly Bunshun (Japan), Weekly Dokushojin (Japan), Weekly Kinyobi (Japan), Yahoo News (Japan) etc…

2017 – “Forget-me-not” Reminders Photography Stronghold (Tokyo, Japan) -solo-
2017 – “Forget-me-not” Kiyosato Photo Art Museum (Yamanashi, Japan) -group-
2017 – “Forget-me-not” Emon Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) -group-
2016 – “Forget-me-not” Waseda University, Okuma Garden House (Tokyo, Japan) -solo-
2016 – “Forget-me-not” Reminders Photography Stronghold (Tokyo, Japan) -group-
2016 – “Forget-me-not” Community Center Akta (Tokyo, Japan) -solo-
2015 – “Forget-me-not” SanFrancisco Camera Work Gallery (California, U.S.) -group-
2015 – “Missing Half” Hibiya Park -Midori no i Plaza- (Tokyo, Japan) -group-
2015 – “Missing Half” Nagasaki Prefectural Museum (Nagasaki, Japan) -group-
2015 – “Missing Half” Fukuoka City Museum (Fukuoka, Japan) -group-
2015 – “Missing Half” Kagoshima City Museum of Art (Kagoshima, Japan) -group-
2015 – “Missing Half” Higashikawamachi Cultural Gallery (Hokkaido, Japan) -group-
2014 – “Missing Half” Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo, Japan) -group-
2014 – “Battling it out” Ratna Park (Kathmandu, Nepal) -solo-
2014 – “Abandoned Region” Nagashima Museum (Kagoshima, Japan) -group-
2014 – “Missing Half” Redlands Community College Art Gallery (Oklahoma, U.S.) -group
2013 – “Abandoned Region” Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo, Japan) -group-
2013 – “Living in a Cave” Maruike House (Tokyo, Japan) -solo-
2013 – “Living in a Cave” Amagasaki City Cultural Centre (Hyogo, Japan) -group-
2013 – “Living in a Cave” Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Fukuoka, Japan) -group-
2012 – “Abandoned Region” Gordon Parks Museum (Kansas, U.S.) -group-
2012 – “Living in a Cave” Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo, Japan) -group-

2017 – “Forget-me-not” Reminders Photography Stronghold

Other Experiences
2017 – Talk&Exhibition·Kappapero (Tokyo, Japan)
2017 – In-country Director·The University of Montana, school of journalism, Foreign Reporting Class (Tokyo, Fukushima and Miyagi, Japan)
2017 – Weekly Serial Essay·Weekly Dokushojin (Japan)
2016 – Talk Event·Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 – Media Guest·C-Wave -Senju de Cross- (Tokyo, Japan)
2015 – Radio Guest·ECN Radio (Nairobi, Kenya)
2013 – Serial Photo Article·Social Inclusion Newspaper -Le Toit- (Japan)

Permanent Collection
Kiyosato Photo Art Museum

The University of Montana, school of journalism: B.A. in journalism with photo option

Japanese (native), English (fluency), Chinese (intermediate)